December 2019 update: Consultation Open on Drury and Opāheke projects

In July 2019, Auckland Transport and the NZ Transport Agency released an Indicative Strategic Transport Network to support growth in South Auckland.

Since then, we have completed further technical work to progress the planning for projects within the Drury and Opāheke areas. This means that some projects are now at a point where a draft preferred option has been identified, and we would like your feedback on these.

Have your say on the draft preferred options

We’d like your thoughts on the draft preferred option for projects within the Drury and Opāheke areas.

Click on the links below to find out more about the draft preferred options and to complete an online feedback form.

Feedback form(external link)

Feedback form(external link)
Feedback form(external link)
Feedback form(external link)

Your feedback will help us to check we haven’t missed anything important and inform the option selection process for these projects which are being progressed through Detailed Business Cases. Other projects will be progressed at a later date.

Please provide your feedback by Friday 24 January 2020.

Next steps

Once we’ve received and considered your feedback and undertaken further technical investigations, we’ll be in a position to talk about potential property impacts and will be in contact with property owners when we have this information. From there, we’ll start the route protection (e.g. designation) process to protect the land needed for each project.

What about the projects not included in this consultation?

Over the coming months, the Supporting Growth team will continue technical investigations for the other projects identified in the Indicative Strategic Transport Network for South Auckland, as part of the Detailed Business Case phase.

There will be further consultation with stakeholders, property owners and the community on some of these projects in early-mid 2020.

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July 2019 update on Supporting Growth Programme

As the Supporting Growth Programme moves into further investigations and route protection processes, there will be an opportunity for further stakeholder, property owner and community consultation. Have a look at this Next Steps timeline(external link) for more information.  


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